How secure is the CA GOP pledge? “No New Taxes”

As a member of the non-profit Americans for Prosperity family of activists on June 11th I joined our statewide volunteers and leaders on a trip to our state capital where we participated in a Taxed to the Max rally. After listening to VIP speeches we delivered 28,000 petitions to our state assembly members and senators in their offices with a message reminding them of their taking the “no new taxes” pledge.

Howard Jarvis Taxpayer Association president Jon Coupal was being interviewed on local radio that day where I heard him state that “CA is in the worst fiscal situation (then any state) now in America.”  We are. But how did we get here?

On July 26th, 2006 Cutting Edge-a Talk Show producer Ron Winship and I covered governor Schwarzenegger at an Arnold Express rally held in Tri-City park in Placentia. While readers have read this reference before it is worth restating, especially as the financial hole keeps getting deeper each month. Governor Schwarzenegger. At that event you boasted of having reduced Governor Davis’s deficit from the $15.5 billion you inherited to $3.5 billion in the two and a half years since you took office. Without debating his math perhaps someone can tell Juice readers how that $3.5 billion figure quoted by our governor has exploded to $41 billion in the next two and a half years leading up to today. You can watch that video and the governor’s comments commercial free, 24/7,  at

Fellow Republicans now serving in the state legislature. While I surely will be hammered on this blog for the following statement, do NOT break your “no new tax” pledge.

Juice readers. As any tax increase requires a two-thirds vote of approval, and without Republican support will fall short, do you think Republicans will hold to their pledge?

If not, who do you think will be the first to cave in?

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