Curt Pringle wants you to visit Mexico, but Marines need written permission to do so

(Mexican Homeland Security Team)

On the same day that the O.C. Register reported that Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle and Santa Ana council members Claudia Alvarez and Vincent Sarmiento, met with several of their counterparts from Mexico, to encourage tourism between our two countries, the Register also reported that U.S. Marines have to get written permission to visit Mexico, due “to several violent deaths that have occurred in Tijuana because of an ongoing drug war.”

“Rosarito Mayor Hugo Torres said the American media have largely skewed reports of criminal-on-criminal violence in such a way that tourists fear for their safety. In an effort to bolster confidence, Torres said his city has implemented a special tourist police force, offers 24-hour help to visitors, and recently started a mail-in traffic ticket system by which violators can bypass a trip to the Police Department and mail their fees from home.  “It’s a good time to come down and take a better look (at Baja),” he said, according to the O.C. Register.

Are you kidding?  There have been thousands of death in the border region of Mexico and the U.S. due to the ongoing drug war.  The LAST place I would visit right now is Mexico, at least the border and Baja areas.  It might be safe to visit resorts such as Cancun, but who knows?

If the U.S. Marines have to get written permission to go to Mexico, why should any of us feel safe going there?  Shame on Pringle, Alvarez and Sarmiento for encouraging such dangerous activities.  Mexico is so corrupt that the cops in Tijuana had their guns taken away by the Federales last year.  They now use slingshots.  Nice.  Considering the incident in Anaheim recently when one of their cops shot an innocent man, perhaps their cops should get slingshots too?

“Mexican officials also expressed interest during the talks in sending their safety officials to the Orange County Sheriff’s Regional Training Academy, said Enrique Perez, director of the California Mexico Trade Assistance Center, which helped organize the event.”

Maybe that might be a good idea, considering the picture atop this post.  Then again, is this O.C. Sheriff’s program going to teach cops to look the other way while inmates get beat to death?

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