Whatever happened to that hole in the Ozone?

Whatever happened to that hole in the ozone? It went the way of the dodo, oat bran and dance boxing…

First, I recommend everyone always read more than you can ever find here on any particular subject. I know it doesnt need to be said, but its a good lesson to remember. Can’t hurt to repeat. Start with “The Holes in the Ozone Scare – The Scientific Evidence That the Sky Isn’t Falling”.

Worst case scenario ever, an 8 percent decrease in ozone. OK? You can get that effect just by moving 100 miles south.

Volcanoes belch thousands of tons of ostensibly ozone depleting chlorine atoms in to the atmosphere every year. One of these, Mt. Erebus, is in the Antarctic where scientists took chlorine measurements in the 80s and early 90s which scared the whole world – just a coincidence?

In addition to this, freon molecules are 50 times heavier than air. The Enviro-Socialists would have us believe that these heavy freon molecules somehow floated high into the troposphere and began munching on tasty ozone molecules. Reports to the contrary regularly try to change the definition (Global Warming or Climate Change, they like doing that) or the unit of measuring ozone depletion.

The Montreal Protocol outlawing freon, the principal target of atmospheric chlorine, ensured monopoly of refrigerant production by the major chemical companies of the world, British Chemical Co. of England and DuPont. The only thing green about the environmental movement is MONEY.

The bans against them are hitting hard above all the refrigeration industry in the poorer, internationally-oppressed and exploited countries, important for making it possible to store and transport vital foodstuffs and medicines. Thus they are causing further misery and deaths in these countries, which was obviously a main and arch-reactionary intention behind these bans from the beginning on. Can you say DDT?

As it stands now you won’t die from ozone depletion but you’ll probably be robbed clean by various environmental taxes instead.

I dont see whats frackin’ Progressive about any of that. For Teacher.

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