Watch out for after Christmas Sales!

Let’s get this right, the SEC is prosecuting less wrong doing than last year.  The economy is heading to the lowest level in years, the price of both Residential and Commercial Real Estate is in constant freefall!  Ah, but through it all….we have Retail.  From Perfume, Jewelry, Electronics, Staples, and Bikes for Junior and a new car for mom!  Yep, we have incredible after Christmas sales…that all started three weeks ago at Thanksgiving.

We should caution that those of us with less expendable cash are purely more inclined to check the various prices before running over the clift and buying like crazy.  The first instance of course is the Toyota Prius.  Being that everyone wants to be a good citizen, get 46 Miles Per Gallon and be considered a “Green Person”….the lost leader price right now..if you can find one…is about $25,000 bucks.  If however you just go to your local Toyota dealer….you could be looking at closer to $40,000 bucks!  Buyer beware even during the After Christmas Sale days.

OK, how about a high tech Computer?  Last year you could buy the top of pyramid for just about $2800 bucks.  You could get the latest quad-processor, 4 gig of RAM and a 500 Gig hard drive too.  Today, they are going for just under $3600 bucks.  They have new bells and whistles…..and if you want the latest and greatest Blu-Ray Rom…….it is going to cost you!  Again, not the best After Christmas Sales item available.  Now what about all those wonderful sales on LCD 46 inch Flat Big Screens?   They have to be on sale don’t they?  Hey, just last year it would cost you $2200 plus tax…to get one of the lesser brands.  Sharp Aquos, Panosonic or Sony Bravia….how cool and much would they be – to watch the Super Bowl on?  Well, they have lost leaders for just under $1500 plus tax.  Can you really get one for that price?  Doubtful!  You are going to be paying closer to $2100 bucks out the door even if you are watchful.  Again, no After Christmas bargain.

Well, what can you buy for a deal?  You guessed it……Christmas cards and wrap and potholders!  How about those lovely Christmas plates, cups and bowls too?  You are going to get from 50% to 75% off…just like you do every at every After Christmas Sale.  What about a nice warm Comforter, Blanket or Jacket?  Well, yeah…you might be able to nose around Kohls or Target and find something cool.  Maybe not.

The issue is this:  For companies that say it is the end times and they are having “Close Out Sales”…the prices aren’t that good.  They just plan on Wholesale Sales to still in business Retailers rather than really offering the buying public “the going rate”!  Oh, well…..we made it through another Christmas and hope that everyone got what they wanted.  If you do take your goodies back to return for credit or another item….be careful.  Make sure that whatever you get…..”is truly a bargain”!

To the Lakers go the Spoils…Congratulations for beating the dreaded Celts!  The Celtics needed a serious drubbing!  We didn’t beat them by 39 Points, but we have to do that sometime in the future!  A Christmas Sale that we truly enjoyed every minute of…..thanks NBA!  We got our money’s worth on that one!

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