The Strange Case of Orange Juice Simpson!

Yesterday, Las Vegas Judge Jackie Glass sentenced OJ Simpson to 33 years in jail….with eligibility for parole after just nine years! The pathetic shadow of his former self….tried his best to use his waning acting skills to thwart and deflect …with the hope that the Judge would be moved. She was not!

OJ used to live in Laguna Beach…half way up the hillside on Victoria Beach. He lived there in the late 70’s and early 80’s with Nicole and entertained constantly. How many drugs and odd ball parties did he have? Who knows? The rumors were a plenty but then….”OJ” was “OJ”. He had a get out of jail card since his days as a USC Heisman recipient from the LAPD. Everyone more or less knew that whatever OJ was up to….it was probably better just to leave well enough alone. Al Cowlings and Marcus Allen were his constant companions. Sex, Booze and Drugs seemed to be normal day activities.

OJ however, somehow had forgotten his roots. He lived and acted like a “White Man”. He did everything from Avis car rental ads to motion pictures and NFL sports shows. OJ had the world by tail on the downhill drag. Jim Brown would call and remind OJ that he was still a black man and that just because he was very popular – didn’t make him white! When people do drugs, become involved in passing their wives or girlfriends around to their pals and others….depression can ensue! And so it did with OJ. He started feeling sorry for himself…constantly. He started playing the “Victim role” at every turn. OJ was no longer that virile attractive super hero. He was a debauched user of people and his celebrity.

Instead of being humble and grateful for all his successes…OJ struck back at everyone around him. Nicole was a serious target for years. On one occasion when OJ appeared on an NFL pre-game show….with his bright Yellow ABC jacket and dark sunglasses….his co-hosts were the first to ask: “What’s with the sunglasses, OJ?”..his answer: “Hey…the sun never sets on the cool!” The message was…that OJ could do whatever he wanted….whenever he wanted. Take those powerful emotions, jealousies, depression and victimization and
that “cocktail” proved too much to handle…even for OJ.

Did OJ kill Nicole and Ron Goldman? Did OJ beat and traumatize every woman he was ever with? Had the negativity and very brutal attacks by the world press force his depression into a state of constant “self destructive behaviour”? Will OJ truly get out of prison in nine years….or will he die in prison? Is there going to be good ending to this Fairytale story?

Poetically, today is the USC-UCLA game at the Rose Bowl. The Trojans are favored by 31 points. Even with all his many awards, OJ lost a rivalry game
to UCLA. The rule is to remain focused…remain humble….and then to give it all you have to achieve your goals. You cannot be an egomanical personality one day and a victim the next! Not very attractive OJ….not very attractive!

OJ now faces the greatest challenge of his life. It will not be to make a remake of the “Longest Yard”….by the way! OJ needs now to become the person that he always was….but could never be because of his success. A humble, caring and loving parent. If he can achieve that now….without the spotlight of the press or paparazzi…..he still can win the most important prize in life……doing for others and his family! Good luck #32, it will be “student body left” for twenty yards..and you only have to do it for nine more years – if you are lucky and then can apply yourself consistently! OJ turned 61 year old on July 9th………2008!

Hey OJ, 70 years old is the new 50 OJ….things could be worse!

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