Supervisor Nguyen’s favorite restaurant has received numerous violations

Red County editor Matt/Jubal Cunningham continues to pontificate that Supervisor Janet Nguyen did not have any conflicts of interest when she voted against a pair of proposed restaurant rating systems.  However ample evidence exists to the contrary.  As disclosed here at the Orange Juice, her husband co-owns a Lees Sandwiches franchise in Stanton that received ten violations in July of this year.  The O.C. Register also found that her husband works for Sodexho, a supplier of food at Fullerton College that is also subject to County inspections.  And Nguyen’s Chief of Staff, Andrew Do, also is a co-owner of the Lees Sandwiches franchise in Stanton.

But wait, there’s more.  Nguyen habitually meets with her supporters at the Azteca Restaurant in Garden Grove.  In fact she held her election night party there.  And Azteca has a long history of negative inspections.  In November of this year they received ten violations, including a major violation.  Here are the details regarding their major violation:

FC08 – Improper Sanitizer Concentration/Method (CA Retail Food Code 114099, 114101, 114117)
Observed soiled wiping cloths stored on food contact surfaces during food preparation in the kitchen. The level of chlorine was measured at 0 ppm in the sanitizer solution buckets for holding wiping cloths in the kitchen and bar areas.

No bueno!  Click here to read the rest of the Azteca inspection report.  And click here to see all of their past inspection reports.

Nguyen’s other favorite restaurant in Garden Grove is Doug’s Downtown Grill.  They were inspected in August of this year and issued four minor violations, as seen in the graphic below.

You may read the complete inspection report for Doug’s Downtown Grill by clicking here.  And you can read their other inspections reports at this link.

If you want further evidence that Orange County has a problem with its restaurants and other food servers take a look at the graphic below, which depicts just a few of the restaurant closures in the past sixty days.

Oh yes, we have a problem!  You can read the entire list of closures, which goes on for pages and pages, at this link.  Most of these locations immediately reopened after their closures – and none of them have letter grades thanks to our shortsighted Republican Supervisors, who include a guy who got rich off of Taco Bell franchises, Bill Campbell.

Later today I am going to go to the Orange County Registrar of Voters office where I will get copies of Supervisor Nguyen’s campaign finance reports.  I wonder how much money she has received from restaurant owners in Orange County?  We will find out and report back to our readers!

UPDATE: The Bolsavik blog has finally weighed in on the Nguyen scandal, at this link.  Bolsavik stated that a “vote against requiring restaurants to post letter grades from health inspection is becoming a hot potato in OC Supervisor Janet Nguyen’s hands.”

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