Sorry Jubal – no more OC Fair concert tickets for you!

Greedy pig Republicans

No more free Orange County Fair concert tickets for Matt “Jubal” Cunningham (editor of the Red-faced County blog) and the legion of greedy local Republican – and Democratic – politicians and their employees!  “The Fair Political Practices Commission, the state’s top political watchdog, ruled Thursday that public officials must treat such freebies as gifts—subject to a strict $420 annual limit—or as taxable income. Each council or agency will be responsible for deciding whether the tickets are something the official “earned” or are a gift,” according to the O.C. Register.

“The Register reported that Orange County Fair Board members had accepted a total of 8,892 free tickets worth $376,532 for top-name concerts at the Pacific Amphitheatre during the last two years.”

Many of those tickets went to people like Cunningham, who admitted on this blog that he received said tickets.  He never apologized for wasting taxpayer resources in this fashion.  None of the greedy local politicos who received these tickets ever apologized.  And many of them also were fed “free” food at taxpayer expense!

The Queen of the OC Fair

Proceeds from the OC Fair are supposed to be used to run the Fair and if there are surpluses that should be public revenue.  The OC Fair Board has raised ticket prices every year, for years, and they did it again this year.  I wonder why?  Obviously they waste a lot of Fair revenue on themselves!  One of the biggest pigs on their board was none other than the indicted wife of disgraced former O.C. Sheriff Mike Carona.  Poor Debbie Carona.  She even looks like a “Carny!”  (See Debbie’s picture above, while a real Carny is pictured below).  They could be sisters!  No wonder Carona kept cheating on poor Debbie…

I have been boycotting the O.C. Fair ever since the concert ticket scandal broke out.  Perhaps now I can bring my kids to the Fair once more.  But I am going to hold out until the greedy GOP pigs on the current O.C. Fair Board resign or are replaced.

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