Polls Show Close Vote Ahead for Favorite Holiday Character

While traditionally a runaway for old Saint Nick, this year’s polls show a tightening race for Favorite Holiday character.   There are some new comers this year.  Who do you like?  — The OC Shadow —

Old Saint Nick aka Santa Claus has done well with the free publicity over the years at the malls and from Coca Cola.  But as he has he gotten older and the voters have diversified, Santa has really had some close calls the last few elections.  Right now he is ahead, but not by much.   The negative allegations of trying to buy votes by leaving children gifts under the tree and the alleged breaking and entering case when he got stuck at the Smith residence’s chimney have all hurt Santa in the polls.  Plus I heard there is a second, “Mrs. Claus.”  Oh well the front runner always has to take the lumps.

Rudolph does well with the animal lovers and the small tots who are afraid of Santa.  Problem for both Santa and Rudolph are the rumors of alcoholism because of their rosy red noses.  If Rudolph would quit flying around and knock on some doors and raise some cash he could make it a race.

Hanukkah Harry is a perennial dark horse who always does better on the coasts.  He has the New York money behind him and is using his fifty state strategy to pull himself up in Santa’s “Red States.”  The Rudolph backers are urging Harry to drop out so the anti-Santa vote can coalesce around one candidate, but Harry has no plans to move out of the way.

The Hanukkah Dradel is running a youthful insurgency against Harry saying that Harry and Santa are old and should step out the way for the next generation, but has neither the money nor the support to go far this year.

Ebenezer Scrooge after turning a new leaf over a 150 years ago is throwing his hat in the ring.  “I have been a generous and nice guy for over a century, but you guys in the media keep bringing up my past.”  He has the money, but needs a pr makeover.

With not much to do in Alaska and the Holiday race being the only one going on, Sarah Palin has entered the race.   Never shy from the cameras, Sarah says that since she has been guarding the United States from the Santa Invasion she is best equipped to be elected.

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