OCEA union G.M. Nick Berardino makes a tough, but correct, call

On page B 1 of today’s LA Times the headline reads “Union calls for unpaid time off.”

For those who do not follow the Orange County public workers leadership Nick Berardino is the General Manager of the Orange County Employees Associations, OCEA, 17,000 members.
As many families struggle to pay their bills this year he is making a tough call just before the Christmas, Chanukkah Holidays. The Orange County Board of Supervisors, BOS, just approved $30 million in budget cuts that would result in some unspecified number of employee layoffs. The recommendation of G.M. Berardino is a suggestion that might save jobs by asking workers to take a week off without pay that would save upwards of $20 million dollars. For some he is suggesting a leave of absence of anywhere from a few days to two weeks.
Chris Prevatt, a name recently seen on this blog, is quoted to be in support of this suggestion.  The Times quotes him to say “we’re one big County family” he said. “I’m willing to step up, one day, perhaps more.”

Juice readers poll. As I will copy OCEA G.M. Berardino, OC CEO Tom Mauch, and the five members of the BOS, please consider this a poll for your support or opposition to Mr. Berardino’s recommendation.

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