O.C. Register’s Dec 31st float coverage

The Orange County Register has finally published what the Orange Juice blog has been reporting for the past four months.  “Anaheim is paying for it’s $150,000 float with Convention Center funds meant to promote tourism.”  I totally support that investment.

“Huntington Beach’s $200,000 was raised through donations.”  If the private sector wishes to have their own float or mutually fund one for a city that’s OK with us.

“Mission Viejo spent $300,000 in city funds.” Enough said.

For all those who are upset with the BOS spending somewhere over $300,000 to fix their 5th floor offices at least I will see those improvements every time I visit. The MV float will be seen for a few minutes then fade away as we turn the calendar to the New Year.
I commend Mayor Curt Pringle and the Anaheim Council for a proper use of taxpayer funds.

Happy New Year

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