Wow! Obama Won South Orange County’s 48th Congressional District

Orange County Republican Party Chair Scott Baugh

Did you know Barack Obama won 48th Congressional District, 163,063 to 160,584?

When Barack Obama wins in south county’s 48th district,  Red County might want to consider a name change.

The Shadow heard that  the OCGOP was worried about demographic changes going against them. But Obama’s win in the 48th wasn’t about “Demographics.”  The 48th is 68% white and has in it some of the most wealthy and luxurious cities in the country including Newport Beach and Corona Del Mar, often considered base turf for the GOP.  Republican registration dwarfs Democratic registration 199,000 to 128,000.   That means well to do Republicans voted for Obama.   While Steve Young wasn’t able to capitalize on the Obama wave, he should be given credit for opening his office to the Obama campaign early this year.  Steve Young understood the importance of Obama and activism well before many Orange County Democrats did.

Nationally, as Bush and Republicans have mismanaged the country, Democrats were able to bring into their tent upper-middle class and wealthy voters who are highly educated and were once a key part of the Republican base.   Perhaps gun toting Sarah Palin was not the one McCain wanted to put on the ticket to appeal to moderate white collar voters.

This is the dilemma for Republican leaders.  Do the Republicans keep beating the cultural issues drum to appeal to the evangelical and rural vote or is something else needed?  Does the party keep getting marginalized into the south and the rural west or is something new in order?

Note to Orange County Republican Chairman Scott Baugh , “You have a problem.”

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