Is Larry Elder’s demise a sign of things to come for conservative pundits?

Why did KABC and talk radio host Larry Elder part ways last week?  It has been suggested that Elder was hurting KABC with poor ratings.  Could it be that conservative radio hosts are starting to lose their audience?

Another theory is that Elder was making too much money.  That might be, but he lost most of his syndication stations in 2007.  Now he is simply off the air.

Elder was no social conservative – and he was critical of the Bush administration at times, however while he leaned Libertarian too often he was a doctrinaire Republican.

Elder still writes for the Jewish World News.  And his columns are also distributed on  But being off the air must be killing him.

I personally don’t know how anyone can still stand listening to Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh. Their incessant whining is intolerable and boring.

One-sided partisan hackery sucks in the blogosphere and also on the radio.  Isn’t it time for talk radio hosts who will hold everyone accountable and not take red or blue sides?

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