How will incoming Secretary of State Hillary Clinton react to fighting in Israel/Gaza?

While those of us in the US wait for the New Year to commence as we briefly turn away from the recession to focus on college football bowl games all is not quiet in the Middle East. Along with the conservative Jerusalem Post, Haaretz is a liberal newspaper published in Israel I read for current events in that area of the world.

The Jerusalem Post reports that the Israeli Defense Force, IDF, has destroyed 40 smuggling tunnels in this current Gaza fighting which has cost the lives of 280 Hamas terrorists along with Gaza Strip residents and an unspecified number of IDF troops.

The current fighting in Israel should be on the front burner for the incoming Obama administration. I will be curious to see what diplomatic efforts, if any, Sec of State nominee Hillary Clinton will undertake based on the Hamas threatened Intifada.

By Amos Harel and Barak Ravid, Haaretz Correspondent, Haaretz Service and News Agencies

“After IAF strike kills at least 230 in Gaza, Hamas chief vows third Intifada has come

Hamas Political Leader in Damascus Khaled Meshal threatened revenge attacks after a series of Israel Air Force attacks left at least 230 dead and hundreds more wounded in Gaza, saying “the time for the third Intifada has come.”

Meshal issued a call to Palestinians in the West Bank to carry out suicide attacks against Israeli targets and to attack Israel Defense Forces soldiers.

“This Intifada will be peaceful for the Palestinians but lethal for the Zionist enemy,” Meshal said, adding that this ‘new Intifada,’ will “rescue Gaza and protect the West Bank.”

To read the entire Haaretz report go to the following link:

Juice readers.
What involvement, if any, should we undertake with this centuries long Arab Jewish conflict?

What impact will this have on our efforts to (democratize) stabilize this region?

Do you foresee a Peace Agreement between the warring parties in your lifetime?

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