Governor…Raise Taxes on the Idle Rich!

With historic deficits and huge cutbacks in State Services to be had…..with falling Real Estate prices on Commercial properties looking at 25 percent down with Residential properties scheduled to fall 35 percent over the next two years……..”Houston…..we have a problem!”

Governor Arnold has more or less decided to round out his career in Sacramento as a Jessie Ventura maverick!  You know, Maverick….like Tom Cruise in “Top Gun”, “Maverick” like James Garner…..”Maverick” like John McCain and Sarah Palin!  Hmmm.  Well, maybe not just those two!  The issue is basic….we have no money for essential services, no money to expand Government, no money to pay huge Bureaucratic Pensions and scheduled Pay Raises!  These are truly dark times!  $28 to $56 Billion dollars dark!  Hey, we need a Hank Paulson, Ben Bernanke Bailout!  Ooops, they are leaving pretty darn soon…….so if Arnold wants that cash…he better bust buns and start filling out the paperwork!

So, what needs to be done?  Well, the “Paid in the Shade Politicians” up in Sacramento first of all want to take away the typical Cost of Living increase from State Taxes.  That means we lock in the 2007 rates which will be higher than what the 2008 rates would be and bring in Billions of “extra” cash!  The next “big idea” was to triple the Car License Fee……which really hurts the lower end people……….alot!  Imagine buying a 2005 Toyota Tundra….that may cost you $800 plus bucks just to get your annual CA tag!  Brutal……

So, what in fact can be done?  They keep saying that raising taxes during a recession or depression is the worst thing you can do!  So don’t!  Do it this way:  Everyone making over $150,000 dollars a year needs to pay a giant tax because they are obviously “too rich”!  The most important part of this plan is to be sure that they have NO JOB!  They have to be over 65 and they have to be collecting Social Security!  How much do you tax these “Idle Rich Types”?  All of it, over $150,000 dollars…..yep, every RED Cent they get from Government Pensions or Social Security!  The rest they can keep or give to their kids!

This should bring in lots of temporary cash…..which can be used to employ Government Workers, School Teachers and Politicians.  The other thing we could do… suspend all salaries for Elected Politicians.  Not their Staffs mind you….just “their paychecks”!  Right now, only Arnold would not have to alter his life style!  Think about how much they currently get from “Special Interest Money”, every year….that they will be able to keep – no problem!

Hey, if we institute some of these “fundamental changes” we will all be amazed at just how fast the State of California will be able to Balance that Budget – without a sweat!  The cool part is that we are not just “Soaking the Rich”….we can now truly say we are targeting and “Soaking the Greedy!”

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