Bozo of the Week- OC Planned Parenthood

And the 1st OC Bozo of the Week goes to Orange County Planned Parenthood and their $200,000 boondoogle to elect pro-choice, pro sex education school board candidates to create a progressive farm team.  With such brilliant political minds on the Planned Parenthood Board like Carina Frank-Patone and Melahat Rafiei one would think that a successful campaign could be put together.  Unfortunately for all involved the board put together a team that was lacking to say the least.  

Of their entire county wide slate, only one candidate, an incumbent who was likely to win, Dr. Kim Oanh Nguyen-Lam for Garden Grove School Board actually won.  My sources say the mail was poorly written and planned and the candidates were given very little assistance or in depth no how on how to win.  I also heard the Planned Parenthood Staff had no clue on how to do campaign work and the entire operation was piss poor from the start.  Oh well, it is only $200,000.    Orange County Planned Parenthood clearly has earned the first Bozo of the Week Award. — The OC Shadow–

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