Are the Republicans Turning Japanese?

The Shadow has been listening to the Republicans trash talk Detroit and American Auto Workers.  The Shadow cannot sit idly by and allow Republicans who have been given the reins of running (or ruining) the economy for the last eight years to trash talk good American workers.  Republicans in the Senate killed the rescue bill for the American Auto Industry.  A lot of these fat cats Republican Senators have Japanese auto plants in their states.  Do they care about American workers?  The Shadow does not think so.

When George Bush and Hank Paulson gave away $750,000,000,000 to Wall Street. did anyone hear a peep from Republican bloggers and talking heads about overpaid, lazy Wall Street Crooks who had sunk Main Street?  Nope.

But when it comes to the guy who works on the line and showers after work, Republicans are quick to let them starve.

Why don’t Republicans man up and take blame for tanking the economy and quit trying to point the s**t stick at AMERICAN workers.   It is outrageous to blame a guy who puts in steering columns on the line for the colossal mismanagement of the entire country by the GOP.  No more of this nonsense.  Let’s help the working men and woman.  American workers first not last.

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