2008 will be coolest year of the decade

2008 will be coolest year of the decade

Everyone who puts Global Warming on their top ten should read this article.

Now before you blow it off, let me say that the article actually argues FOR Global Warming.

It argues that cooling is not evidence that Global Warming doesn’t exist. It goes even so far as to say that the cooling is a representation of the warming. That this cooling represents the “1-in-10” event, and that in Charles Dickens time, it was a “1-in-100” event.

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So now my question is: Why stop at 100 years?  Why not 1000? Why not 10,000? Lets say 300,000. Thats about as far back as our temperature data goes.

Go back 300,000 years and what do you find?

As explained on NOVA Frontline –

Climate studies focusing on the last hundred years show that Earth’s average temperature has risen about one-half degree Celsius since the Industrial Revolution blossomed in the 1880s. Other studies reaching back much further in time suggest that global climates have seldom been stable for long. Ice samples collected as part of the North Greenland Ice Core Project, which provide a snapshot of temperatures from the last 300,000 years, tell a dramatic story. It seems Earth has been subject to recurring 10,000-year warm periods followed by 90,000-year cold spells — with most of the transitions between warm and cold periods being extremely abrupt.


So now the Global Warming/Climate Change believers have one option left. Since they can no longer say the Global Warming cycle is anomalous, they can only maintain that mankind is responsible for THIS warming.

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