Ultra right wing candidates prevail in the OUSD School Board races

What the heck happened in the Orange Unified School District (OUSD) School Board election this week?  Independent candidate Arianna Barrios was soundly rejected by voters as retired fireman Mark Wayland, an ultra conservative Republican, prevailed.

You may recall that the Republican voters in the OUSD previously elected deranged Steve Rocco instead of voting for a better candidate who was a Latino Democrat.  Could this have happened again?  Are OUSD voters that anti-Latino that they rather elect a weak candidate with no background in education versus a lady who has been active in the community for years?  Barrios’ father, Russell, was also the first Latino OUSD School Board member.  How times have changed…and not for the better.

Democratic candidate Florice Hoffman also was deafeated by an ultra conservative Republican candidate, Alexia Deligianni.  I expected Hoffman had an uphill battle.  But I remain surprised that Barrios lost.

The real losers in this equation are the constituents in the OUSD.  Now they will be saddled with two school board members who will waste everyone’s time on social agendas and right wing blather instead of looking after the OUSD students and schools.  Think Rosie Avila times two.  No bueno!

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