So much for the blog coup – the Orange Juice is now ranked the #1 political blog in California!

I don’t think this is what our former bloggers had in mind when three of them quit the Orange Juice blog on Nov. 15, and tried to destroy our blog on the way out the door.  Blognetnews has ranked our blog #1 this week in their latest weekly list of California’s Most Influential Political Blogs.  And over the past 12 weeks we have come in at #2 in their rankings, which you may verify at this link.

According to, the premier web traffic ranking service, the Orange Juice blog has had an 85% increase in “reach” over the past three months.  “Reach measures the number of users. Reach is typically expressed as the percentage of all Internet users who visit a given site,” according to  Furthermore, the Orange Juice Blog’s rank has vaulted over 84,000 other websites over the past three months.

Our closes competitor in Orange County, Red County, has a website that includes blogs for over a dozen counties and a few national sites too.  Yet according to, they merit only 2 page views per visitor, per week, to their site, while the Orange Juice gets an amazing 11 page views per visitor, per week.  The Liberal OC, by contrast, gets 1.4 page views per visitor, per week.

As always, we thank our readers and our writers for their contributions to the Orange Juice blog.  We have just lived through a truly crazy couple of weeks, but as always the Orange Juice blog will continue to reveal what Orange County’s politicians and assorted partisan hacks don’t want you to know!

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