Santa Ana Planning Commission to consider Bisno Tower tonight

The Santa Ana Planning Commission will be conducting a public hearing tonight, at 5:30 pm, to consider the proposed 31 story Bisno Tower, which is supposed to be built near the Bisno City Place development – you know, the one with the human signs in front of it informing us about how they have had to resort to auctioning their over-priced luxury condos.

Does no one in Santa Ana know that we are in the midst of the Bush Depression?  Bisno can’t sell his City Place units, how in the Hell is he going to sell 31 stories full of the same overpriced condos?  How quickly will this tower turn into apartments?

Already Main St. in that area is a nightmare at rush hour.  What will 2,000 more cars do to our local traffic in north Santa Ana?

If you agree with me that this plan is nuts, please be sure to attend this meeting tonight!  Click here to read the meeting agenda.  The meeting will be held in Council Chambers, at 22 Civic Center Plaza.  Be sure to present your parking stub to the city folks inside so they can pay for your parking.

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