Only two Vietnamese candidates won in Orange County on Nov. 4

I reported earlier this week the astounding news that Robin Marcario had defeated two well-funded Vietnamese machine candidates, Trung Nguyen and Andrew Do.  But the news for Orange County’s Vietnamese candidates gets worse.  All of them lost on Nov. 4, except Assemblyman Van Tran, who barely defeated an unknown, underfunded Democratic opponent, Ken Arnold, and over in the Garden Grove School Board race, incumbent Kim Oanh Nguyen Lam barely won.

Over in Westminster, Van Tran acolyte Truong Diep, who was heavily funded, got trashed, coming in well behind Frank Fry and Peggy Loomer, in the City Council race.  And fellow Trannie John Nguyen came in dead last in the Garden Grove School Board race.

In Garden Grove, not only did Do and Nguyen tank, so did Tram Linh Ho, but she did come out ahead of Nguyen, who has now lost more political races than any of the other Trannies.

And Santa Ana Library Commissioner Nam Pham got blown out in the Rancho Santiago Communty College District Board of Education race.  He finished dead last, with less than ten percent of the vote, according to

What does all this mean for Republican O.C. Supervisor Janet Nguyen, who has no friends left in the O.C. blogosphere?  She will be up for reelection in four years – and this time she will face a well-funded, popular Latino Democrat.  If this new trend holds, she will be looking for a new job in a few years.

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