One More Crucial Battle: Help Jim Martin win Georgia!

  • Whereas, if enough new Georgia Democrats come out to vote for Jim Martin Tuesday, President Obama will be one step closer (the Minnesota recount being out of our hands) to a 60-Senator veto-proof majority, so that he can enact the progressive policies we elected him for, and appoint the moderate, Constitution-respecting justices the country needs, without any more of the historically unprecedented obstructionism we’ve become used to from the Senate Republicans;
  • Whereas Vietnam vet Jim Martin, as Glennzilla pointed out here, is an exceptionally brave and principled Democrat, speaking out against Bush’s illegal domestic spying when it was both unnecessary and considered imprudent to do so; making him more progressive than Obama even, let alone Pelosi;
  • Whereas incumbent Republican chickenhawk Saxby “Sackless” Chambliss (5 student deferments like Cheney) achieved his infamy coming to power six years ago with his reviled Rovian commercials calling triple-amputee Vietnam vet Max Cleland “weak on national security” and equating him with Osama and Saddam (because he had pissed off the Bushies being critical of the Patriot Act and the Iraq War); and now Sackless is continuing the same behavior against Martin, accusing him of supporting child pimps, drug dealers, etc;
  • Please join me for three hours this Monday afternoon (our 3-6PM Pacific Time) calling “newly registered Georgia voters who share our values but need to be reminded” to vote in this critical election.  Sign up to make calls by clicking here. (You’ll get your instructions at 3, and call from 4-6.)

It feels good to be partly responsible for a long-shot victory!

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