More evidence that Santa Ana City Manager Dave Ream has lost it

I could not make it to Al Amezcua’s farewell party the other day, when he was recognized for his time on the Rancho Santiago Community College Board of Education.  But a pajarito reported with a bird’s eye view on the proceedings.

As one might imagine, there were a lot of folks there – including a representative from Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez’ office, and a representative from Assemblyman Jose Solorio’s office.  And Supervisor Janet Nguyen and SAUSD Superintendent Jane Russo also showed up in person to say adios to Al.  Santa Ana City Manager Dave Ream showed up too – and then the comic relief began.

Ream stood there as stiff as a board for about two minutes.  My friend said that it looked like Ream’s outfit had been badly overstarched.  All of a sudden his head began to drift and tilt to the right.  But he caught himself as he was dozing off (standing up no less!) and he immediately sauntered off.  Perhaps he thought there were too many Mexicans in the room?  Who knows?  But after two minutes or so he left and didn’t return.

It is a matter of time before Ream falls asleep at a Santa Ana City Council and falls out of his chair.  In the meantime so many other cities are being run by city managers who actually have new ideas.  I don’t know if Ream even knows that email was invented.  His staff is still mailing out Com Link meeting notices.  Ever heard of sending those via email Ream?  Doesn’t cost anything.  Your city is over $28 million in debt.  Maybe time to enter this century?

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