Mission Viejo Council Member-Elect Cathy Schlicht will try to reverse optional lifetime health benefits for part time City Council

Talk about being prepared to serve from day one.  Mission Viejo council member elect Cathy Schlict submitted her first two Agenda items for the Dec 1, 2008 council meeting to our City Clerk today. One dealing with transportation and a second with optional lifetime health care for our part time city council.
She will be sworn in next Monday evening along with Frank Ury and take her seat on the council after a brief reorganization.

Cathy informs me that her father Doug Schlicht will administer the Oath of office.

Her Agenda item title on the health benefit reads: “Review City Council’s November 17, 2008 Reinstatement of Lifetime Medical Benefits.” Her recommended Action reads: “Eliminate Council Members from Eligibility for free lifetime Medical benefits.”

In discussing this issue Cathy said “I had hoped that the council would have waited until after being sworn so that I could participate in the vote.” She also questioned “why did it take the city attorney six months to make a recommendation to reverse approvals of the May meeting vote?”

It’s a new day in the city of Mission Viejo. Cathy extends an invitation to everyone living or working in Mission Viejo to attend her first council meeting on Dec 1st.

Gilbert note: If Frank Ury had voted on this perk prior to Nov 4th his reelection may have had a different outcome.

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