Mission Viejo councilman Lance MacLean penned a “victim” by an OC Register reporter

When I saw the Internet version of the front page of today’s OC Register I was rather troubled. Headline: Cost of an outburst.”

 What ever became of “investigative reporting.” I recognize that all of the print media is cutting back on staff which may account for some shoddy reporting. However, what about the lack of “fair and balanced” coverage that pundits argued about relating to the just concluded presidential election?

For Register reporter Erika Ritchie to devote so much ink to the “self induced” plight of Mission Viejo councilman Lance MacLean lowers the bar for me regarding news coverage and topic selection previously provided by the Register. Late last night, even before opening the hard copy on our driveway this morning, I sent out the following note to Erika and her upper managers questioning her research on this story.

“Nov 5, 2008
Erika Ritchie, OC Register

Re: Article on Lance MacLean’s “anger management.” Is this a human interest story?

Erika. Other than accepting Lance’s recall of the UCI incident did you perform any investigative reporting on the episode where it took multiple local police to restrain Lance as I believe he was choking a fellow employee?

Erika. What is this? A job placement referral? Lance has berated me in public and competing city council challenger Diane Greenwood (resulting in her calling 911) at a major intersection in the 2006 city council election where the police were called out and photos taken.  If Lance wants to clear the slate he should begin with a public apology to everyone he has berated from the dais since being elected in 2002.  Larry Gilbert.”

Sorry folks. But based on today’s front page story it would be irresponsible for someone who was a (2002) supporter and follower of Lance MacLean’s local conduct over the past six years not to raise questions on this one sided “puff piece.”

“According to (the) Employment Development Department, job losses in Orange County continued in August. The number of layoffs accounted for 26,600 non-farm workers last month.”

Query!  Will the Register interview any of these 26,600 “victims” who surely must be unhappy with their job losses but were not required to take any “anger management” classes?

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