Is O.C. Sheriff Sandra Hutchens right about concealed weapon permits?

O.C. Sheriff Sandra Hutchens has stepped in a stinky one.  She doesn’t want to renew the concealed weapon permits that disgraced former Sheriff Mike Carona apparently sold.  I can’t blame her for that.  However, “the crackdown has infuriated gun-rights advocates and some permit holders, who accuse Hutchens of violating their 2nd Amendment right to bear arms,” according to the L.A. Times.

The Sheriff has broad discretion to decide who does and who does not get to carry guns in public.  So is this a gun rights issue or is it smart to cancel the permits that Carona apparently profited from?

Does the 2nd Amendment carry connote the right to bear arms whenever we want?  Should their be limits on this?  Some of Carona’s bogus reserve officers have already acted crazy in public.  Doesn’t it make sense to cancel these permits unless the people who got them really have a good reason to be carrying guns in public?  Or should all of us be able to carry such weapons?

And what about all the bad guys who ignore all of this and carry whatever they want?  We know that violence has erupted in Australia and in Great Britain – after gun rights were canceled.  And there is now a movement in Great Britain to register knives due to all the knife attacks.  Where does this craziness end?

Hutchens doesn’t understand why folks are upset about all this.  Did no one warn her that O.C. residents lean Libertarian?  Is she completely lacking any clues whatsoever?  Time will tell, I guess, but she needs to do a better job of communicating when she makes these kinds of decisions.  There are far too many questions left unanswered.

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