SAUSD candidate Gregory Barraza caught red-handed!

SAUSD School Board candidate Gregory Barraza and his wife were caught red-handed today affixing the handmade sign seen in the picture above to a fence, next to Irene Ibarra’s campaign sign.  Ibarra herself caught them when she saw a woman putting the sign up while a man slouched in a nearby Honda SUV.  It was Mr. and Mrs. Barraza.

“I recognized her from the picture on Gregory Barraza’s Facebook page,” said Ibarra when she called me to report this activity, late this afternoon.  I am reproducing that picture below.

Barraza said at a recent candidate’s forum that he was one of the only SAUSD School Board candidates with a college degree.  Well, he might have an advanced degree, but Barraza clearly has no common sense.  Why is he attacking candidates without degrees when most of Santa Ana’s residents also don’t have college degrees?  And why was he doing this in mid-day sunlight?

The handmade signs were put up all over town next to Ibarra’s signs, and the signs of SAUSD School Board candidates Mike Gonzalez and Cecilia Aguinaga.

I discovered recently that Barraza, whose sign sits on Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido’s fence, is also Pulido’s tennis partner.  It is obvious that Barraza was recruited as a candidate by Pulido for one reason – to undermine the Latino candidates vying to replace failed SAUSD Trustee Rob Richardson.

Shame on Barraza!

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