Did Carlos Bustamante tell the City of Santa Ana to go after Aloha?

The homeless lady made famous by a picture that showed her holding up a sign saying she would kick Santa Ana Councilman Carlos Bustamante’s ass for food needs our help.  The City of Santa Ana seized her personal cart today.  Here is what one of our readers had to say about this:

Aloha’s personal cart, the one in the picture was taken by the city. Her cart is not a store cart, but one given to her by the Catholic Charities.

If anyone is up by the city yard, maybe you can check on what happened to her cart. On the side of the cart it says “Catholic Charities”, in the picture, it is under the jacket.

I remember a few years back, the city paid thousands of dollars to dozens of homeless people because the city took their personal property.

As to whether she is owed additional sums for her work as the model in the “photo“, It might be a good idea for the 4 principals who took, distribute, posted and reposted the photo, to get together and make just compensation, either in cash or renting her a motel room for a night so she can bath, change into new clothes and shake off the homeless smell.

She has no problem with signing a release in the whole photo-gate matter.

Her thinking currently is mailing a complaint to the city council and our local congresswoman.

(I told her just to go to the planning commission meeting Monday night and Sean may take care of everything and find out where her cart is located.)

I wonder if Bustamante tried to get revenge on this poor lady by having her cart seized?  That is WRONG.  So it is time to act.

Click here to email Bustamante.

Click here to email Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido.

Click here to email Santa Ana Mayor Pro Tem Claudia Alvarez.

Click here to email Santa Ana City Manager Dave Ream.

Tell them to give Aloha her cart back and to leave her the hell alone!

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