Am I the scariest blogger in Orange County?

Well how do you like that?  The blue blog in town, Liberal OC, has put together a list of the “scariest bloggers” in Orange County – and I am number one on the list!  It is interesting that these supposedly liberal bloggers would put me ahead of Matt “Jubal” Cunningham, the editor of the local Republican blog, “Red County.”

Then again, I guess I am pretty scary.  I cannot imagine that anyone else scares folks like Miguel Pulido, Dave Ream, Carlos Bustamante and the rest of Team Pulido as much as I do.  Not to mention all the other crooked politicians, like Mike Carona, that we have gone after here at the Orange Juice.

I can’t help it, really.  My maternal Great Grandmother was a Comanche curandera (or healer) who lived in the camp of the Mexican Revolutionary Pancho Villa.  She was a stern lady who was not to be messed with!  She served the revolution well…and today I endeavor to follow in her long-silenced footsteps.

As for our counterparts at the Liberal OC, I am not sure what their beef is with me.  I think it stems from my invitation to Sarah Spinosa to join this blog after she was banned by the Liberal OC.  Well, she has been controversial, but her redesign of this blog panned out quite well for us.  And perhaps that is why they are mad at us.  We have become a very popular blog since Sarah came on board.

I am not the same person today that I was five years ago, when I started this blog.  I quit the Republican Party.  I also realized that the wool had been pulled over my eyes when I was in the GOP.  Today I am an independent social progressive, with a common sense attitude towards spending and a Libertarian bent when it comes to government.

As a City Council candidate I am endorsed by State Senator Lou Correa and many other Democrats, including Santa Ana Planning Commissioner Sean Mill; Santa Ana Housing and Redevelopment Commissioner Deborah Vasquez; SAUSD School Board Candidate Irene ibarra; Santa Ana Mayoral Candidate Michele Martinez and many others.  I also have the backing of ECCO and Planned Parenthood. But that is not good enough for our friends at the Liberal OC.

I might be “scary” to some, but in addition to my support from the left, I am also supported by many Republicans, including John Acosta, as well as Santa Ana Mayoral Candidate George Collins and my co-blogger, Thomas Gordon.  And I am the only local candidate in Santa Ana endorsed by the Libertarian Party of Orange County.

Bloggers, as I see it, at least in the political arena, have a duty to help inform the public – particularly since the regular media, particularly the newspapers, are not doing a great job when it comes to covering politics, particularly local politics.

Have I been rough with some politicians over the years?  Yes.  And I probably took it too far at times.  But know this – I don’t worship politicians.  Unlike the red and blue bloggers in town I am not impressed by titles and power.  I do what I do for the people.  That much hasn’t changed since I first started blogging.

There is a problem in this country.  Bad people have been getting elected for years.  They lie and lie and folks believe them.  At every level they infect our government – and they belong to both the red and the blue parties.  Until Americans wake up and stop voting for self-serving politicians who don’t care about them, we will not begin to get a handle on our burgeoning government deficits and our ineffective government bureaucrats.

Blogs I think will continue to play a role in exposing what is going on.  And some of us bloggers will be called “scary” when we do what we are supposed to do.  I am number one at that, according to the Liberal OC – so I guess I am better at this than most folks.  But then I have had more practice at it – I have written almost 2,000 posts since 2003.

I’ll tell you what scares the establishment – red or blue.  They are afraid that folks will figure them out.  They are afraid that the people will realize that all too often the red and the blue are two sides of the same coin.  You saw that this week when the folks at the Liberal OC joined hands with Matt Cunningham and his GOP allies Mike Schroeder and Van Tran’s acolytes to put out a few hit pieces against me.  It was an unholy alliance of red and blue hacks arraigned against someone whose only “crime” is wanting to make a difference in a city that has been ruined by selfish, indifferent career politicians.

The walls are coming down now, I hope.  We shall see on Nov. 4.  If I lose my City Council campaign, I suppose I will just continue being a “scary” blogger.  Let’s see if I make it to number one next year too!

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