Vote NO on La Habra’s sales tax Measure T. Elect Dopkin, Ortega & Shapiro

Juice readers. Have you ever heard of a “temporary” sales tax? Yea sure!
Larry recommends a NO vote on La Habra’s Measure T.

Now let’s look at the city council.

For those who think I only recommend candidates with an “R” before (or after) their name let me confirm that I do not use party labels as a litmus test for those I recommend.
Case in point is the City of La Habra where I am recommending one Democratic and two Republican candidates for the three open seats in this years election. They are Larry Dopkin, Robert Ortega and Michael Shapiro.

None of these recommendations are for the incumbents who each support the Measure T half cent sales tax increase. If approved by the voters La Habra will become only the second city in Orange County to impose a sales tax adder. In this case the current 7.75 percent tax would increase to 8.25 percent. I believe the only Orange County city with an increased sales tax is Laguna Beach following the devastation they endured during the Bluebird Canyon fires and landslides.
Dopkin, Ortega and Shapiro each are anti-tax and are supporters of private property rights except for valid public purposes such as roads or fire houses.

Sorry that this post is late but there are more races and ballot measures to research and recommend than time permits.

 To learn more about La Habra’s Measure T sales tax increase check the following.

La Habra Sales Tax, Measure T will appear on the November 4, 2008 ballot in Orange County, California, for voters in the City of La Habra.
If it passes, it will raise the city’s sales tax by half of one cent.

The question voters will be asked to consider is, “To maintain funding for essential City programs including household hazardous waste; natural disaster preparedness; skilled 9-1-1 dispatch/police officers; youth anti-gang/anti-drug programs; street paving, sidewalk/pothole repair; senior/disabled transportation and meals-on-wheels services; graffiti removal; storm drain maintenance to prevent pollution; and other general city services, shall the City sales tax be increased by one-half cent requiring annual independent financial audits, public expenditure reports, expiring after 20 years?

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