One of the greats!

In these times of diminishing expectations……we cannot forget the greatness that has come and gone in our lives.  Gil Stratton was a famous Sportscaster in Southern California.  He passed away at 86 on Saturday.  He was always upbeat and really was one of the first to enter the acting field on a “Moonlighting” basis.  His first real big gig was in the “Wild One”…as one of Marlon Brando’s bad cat motorcycle members.  He was also, in the great “Stalag 17”.  Gil had a great life…and we celebrate with him all of his accomplishments and life events.

Gil Stratton joins the ranks of the famous Jim Healy, “She’s a wonderful lady and our apologies to her!”.  Or Chick Hearn; “That put him into the popcorn machine!” and “This one is in the refrigerator and the jello is jigglin!”…

Gil was the first to say:  “Time to call ’em as I see ’em!”

Sportscasters have always had a special relationship with the male population of the United States.  We are not saying that their impact is solely restricted to males….especially in the case of Sunday Night Football with John Madden and Al Michaels…today!  Let’s just say that Len Bermen and Tom Jackson have mass appeal….but most Sportcasters become almost like “brothers in arms” in most boys and men involved as sports fans!  Gil Stratton was one of those guys!

Thanks Gil for bringing your upbeat attitude and good energy to our lives!

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