In Mission Viejo Meas K related to City Hall. In S.F. Prop K relates to prostitution

When I saw this article it brought back memories to 1999 where I petitioned the Superior Court to issue a preliminary injunction against our city’s Measure K. My argument was that Mission Viejo city council and staff changed the deck chairs on the Titanic from a prior election. This afternoon I see that the city of San Francisco also has a Prop K on their ballot. While tempted to draw a parallel I will refrain and focus on today’s story.

The Associated Press is reporting that San Francisco wants voters to decriminalize prostitution. First we open Indian Casinos to compete with Reno and Las Vegas. Now S.F. wants to compete with brothels in Nevada in the lucrative area of prostitution. Will this be a taxable source of revenue to help our governor’s multi billion dollar shortfall?

“San Francisco would become the first major US city to decriminalize prostitution If voters next month approve Proposition K—a measure that forbids local authorities from investigating, arresting or prosecuting anyone for selling sex.”

From the AP story it reads: Proponents say the measure will free up $11 million the police spend each year arresting prostitutes and allow them to form collectives.

“It will allow workers to organize for our rights and for our safety,” said Patricia West, 22, who said she has been selling sex for about a year by placing ads on the Internet. She moved to San Francisco in May from Texas to work on Proposition K.
Note: “Proposition K has been endorsed by the local Democratic Party. But the mayor, district attorney, police department and much of the business community oppose the idea, contending it would increase street prostitution, allow pimps the run of neighborhoods and hamper the fight against sex trafficking, which would remain illegal because it involves forcing people into the sex trade.”

To read the entire article simply click on the following link.

I expect numerous responses that this is a “victimless” crime. Oh really?

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