Armando Ruiz one step closer to getting dumped by the voters!

“The potential spoiler in the Coast Community College board race involving public-pension hog Armando Ruiz decided over the weekend to abandon his own humble ambitions for the greater good. Don “Coach” Apodaca told me that based on my recent columns, he’s ending his campaign and supporting Ruiz’s main challenger, Lorraine Prinsky,” according to Frank Mickadeit’s latest column over at the O.C. Register.

Apodaca will still be on the ballot, but I don’t see how that hurts Prinsky.  Because Apodaca has a Latino surname, he will take votes away from Ruiz, not from Prinsky.  This election looks to be a sure thing.  Ruiz will finally pay the price for what he did.  And what exactly did Ruiz do to garner my ire as well as that of Mickadeit?  Here is a reminder from the latter:

“Shortly before the 2004 election, he engineered a smarmy deal in which he got to “retire” from the Coast district’s board as if that job had been a full-time job paying exactly what he made at his real South County job. Then he ran for election to the Coast district board anyway. So he gets a pension upward of $108,000 a year, instead of what he really worked for – which might be a little more than half that – and he still gets to sit on the Coast board. Your tax dollars at work.”

A friend of mine called me recently to sayt that what Ruiz did was not all that bad.  Except that it was.  It is past time for Ruiz to get dumped by the voters!

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