Too Big to Fail?? Wait a second

In response to the current events taking place in the banking industry I want to take a look at a statement that has been presented to us:

“We cannot allow these banks and financial institutions to fail. They are too big to fail.”

Failure is a necessary process on the journey of success and the banking industry is no exception. Failure teaches us. Failure strengthens us. And Most importantly failure shows us ways NOT to do things. (see thomas edison)

By not allowing anyone to fail, whether its a massive government bailout or a soccer team that doesn’t keep score, we rob those involved of a valuable lesson and we do not allow them to learn and grow. We only postpone the inevitable problems.

We can uphold and patch up a broken method or strategy or we can fail, learn, and retry. The pain of failure is always temporary, but always makes us stronger permanently.

–Daniel Bernal

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