If marriage is sacred, where is the anti-divorce ballot measure?

I heard today from a GOP activist who attended the California Republican Party Convention in Anaheim, and apparently many moderate republicans are sporting stickers that are anti-Prop. 8 – and the conservatives are worried that Prop. 8, which seeks to ban gay marriage, is going to lose.

Well, I think that these conservatives are missing the point.  Never mind gay marriage – when are they going to start a ballot measure against divorce?  Is there a worse threat to marriage than divorce?  Don’t most of us take the vow, “what God has brought together let no man rent asunder?”

So when is the anti-divorce ballot measure coming out?  Don’t hold your breath.  I bet a majority of the Prop. 8 backers are divorced…or they cheat on their spouses.

I also ran into State Senator Lou Correa today.  He is voting no on Prop. 8 – thank you Lou!  Once again Correa is showing that he has the leadership that is so lacking in the other Democratic officials in central Orange County, particularly in Santa Ana.

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