Dominionism, Sarah Palin & the Christian Taliban

We know that Sarah Palin believes in Creationism and thinks that it should be taught as science in public schools.  But she’s not really a Creationist, she actually subscribes to another Christian faction called DOMINIONISM.  Daily KOS is sounding the alarm bells over the dominionist connection, but of what does this doctrine really consist? 


Dominionism: (or Reconstructionism)A particular school of evangelical political thought that holds Christians as having rightful “dominion” over the earth- including its political institutions. They wish to make America a “Christian” nation, ruled by Christians, and have stated boldly that the U.S. Constitution should be replaced by Christian sovereignty and Christian principles, including, by the way- the execution of gays.

The fountainhead of Dominionist theology is Rousas John Rushdoony, who held, among other notions, that the principles of Christianity and democracy are enemies.


Pat Robertson is, and Jerry Falwell was….self-avowed Christian Reconstructionists/Dominionists.  

Oh, and you should know that James Dobson (pray to God for political gain, no matter how malicious the consequences) is absolutely THRILLED that McCain has picked Sarah Palin as the VP nomination for the Republican party ticket. 

Here’s a further description in laymen’s terms:

Broadly, it’s used to describe Christian conservatives who seek Biblical influence or control over secular government. There are obviously variations on the degree to which they want to influence government. But the fundamental principles are:1. We were founded as a Christan Nation.
2. Christianity is superior to other religions (not all seek convert all people though that varies as well.)
3. Our laws should be based on Biblical law.

This attempt to replace democratic ethics with religion is truly disturbing to citizens who believe that the Constitution should be the rule of the land.  The Palin nomination is giving the fundamentalist right all sorts of Jesusgasms.  The Christian Taliban is counting on your vote for Ms. Palin.

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