China Does the Space Walk. U.S. is Broke, Stays Home.

Being surpassed by an ambitious Chinese space program is yet another failure of the current Bush/Cheney/McCain GOP  administration.  So many balls have been dropped at the hands of George Bush and his crooked cronies.  Oh, and the Nasa budget?  It’s been described as a “Mess”.  Well, at least the media won’t be covering this story too closely.  It would just remind us all how utterly BROKE our country has become under the current MisLeadership.

Nothing says POWNED like China flush with cash getting into the space business.    I should take heart, though.  I can see the moon from my backyard, so that makes me an astronaut, according to GOP thinking.

Gawd!  I will be so happy when those clowns are finally out of office and sent packing.

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