The Not so Great Hillary Speech of 2008!

We are probably the only two citizens in this country that thought that Hillary gave the most self-serving, self-aggrandizing speech of her 35 years of so-called public service! 

It was easy to see from our point of view that Hillary and Bill are still no Barack Obama Team Players just yet!  The cynical…..”I didn’t run for President….to have….” line was especially bugging!  As we listened to all the callers to C-SPAN say that “her speech was so impressive”……why didn’t we see it that way.  Hillary railed endlessly regarding what “she thought” were the important issues….disregarding whatever Obama’s priorities might be.

Hillary was quick to take credit for Women’s Suffrage and breaking the Glass Ceilings……..and for Health Care and……and…….the endless list of Hillary and Billisms!  The rumor of the day is that Bill will not even be in Denver for Obama’s speech on Thursday!  Beating up on Bush and McCain was her basic Tour’de’force bit….saying that the reason they chose Minneapolis for the Republican Convention because it was the Twin Cities and Bush and McCain were basically doing exactly the same thing!  We believe that Bush and McCain are about as much the same as Arnold Swarzenegger and Danny DeVito were in their movie Twins!  The Hillary retro video lead in to her speech was especially bugging!  Do we have to put up with images of Bill and Chelsea forever?

Finally, someone just called in to say the speech was Narcissistic and Socialistic!  Yeah….there is one more that thinks as we do!  All we have left is “Aw-ful Bill!” tomorrow night!  Good grief…..won’t they just please get off the stage!

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