Soccer truce declared in Santa Ana

“The battle is over between the California Youth Soccer League and the Boy Scouts over the six soccer fields at Carr Intermediate – just before the season is to begin.  The California League will use the fields on Saturday, and the Boy Scouts will play there on Sunday,” according to the O.C. Register.

State Senator Lou Correa proved once more that he is a man of the people by flying down from Sacramento to be at the meeting between SAUSD officials and the two competing soccer leagues.

The SAUSD’s initial decision to allow the Boy Scouts to use the fields at Carr and to simply boot the much larger California Youth Soccer League never made any sense.  I am glad their mistake was rectified, at least partially.

This entire case simply underscores what a problem we have in Santa Ana with insufficient open space.  Twenty years of mismanagement has put our city in a real bind.  When was the last time our city officials fought to build a park instead of falling over themselves to welcome developers of luxury properties that few if any local residents can afford?

The same problem is evident in our lack of public libraries.  Perhaps this year folks will finally vote for change on our City Council…and our School Board too!  We deserve better leadership in Santa Ana.

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