You can’t see the Dark Knight in Santa Ana

“A fire broke out inside the Picture Show Theater at Main Place after an earthquake shook Orange County and surrounding areas, but no injuries were reported,” according to the O.C. Register.

Now Santa Ana has ZERO movie theaters.  We are the youngest city in Orange County and we have to drive to Orange, Irvine, Costa Mesa and Garden Grove if we want to see a movie.  How is that possible?

Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido continues to pimp for developers who want to build luxury houses and condos.  He even convinced Mothers Market to come to Santa Ana.  But no theaters.

I am told that the clowns on the Santa Ana City Council also turned away a Best Buy location that was supposed to open up at the City Place.  That location is now in Orange, on Tustin Ave.  Orange now has two Best Buys.  Santa Ana has none.  At a time when thousands of Santa Ana residents are upgrading their television sets, they are having to drive to Orange and Costa Mesa to buy their new TV’s.  Tax revenue for Santa Ana?  Zero.

This November Pulido and his cabal will ask voters to once again select them on their ballots.  Why should they, honestly?  What a joke.  There’s the rub.  Irvine is a successful planned community.  Santa Ana is a pitiful planned disaster…

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