Will Joe Dunn take out Bustamante – or will it be “Mr. Patrick”?

When I first wrote about the possibility of former State Senator Joe Dunn running for Ward 3 on the Santa Ana City Clowncil, some folks on the local blue blog thought it was a nutty idea. But is it? Dunn has a great job in Sacramento, working as the head of the California Medical Association. But we all know he has aspirations for higher office, as well he should. It would make perfect sense for Dunn to take Ward 3, keep his day job, and keep his name in the local headlines until Congresswoman Sanchez is ready to move on to something else or Assemblyman Solorio terms out. Or Dunn could wait and take on Supervisor Janet Nguyen.

While Dunn makes perfect sense for Ward 3, another interesting possibility is new Santa Ana Planning Commissioner Patrick Yrarrazaval-Correa, or “Mr. Patrick” as he is known at the SAUSD. He lives in Ward 3. He is a popular principal in the SAUSD. And he has a degree in political science. Plus he is bilingual. I have never heard Bustamante try to speak in Spanish.

With the Bustamante resignation hitting the AP wire today, as I predicted, it is only a matter of time before it ends up in La Opinion and on all the local Spanish Language radio and T.V. stations. The only question now is will it be Dunn, or Mr. Patrick. Or someone else? Personally I would prefer to see a woman run against Bustamante. That would be just revenge.

One last thought – I am told that Bustamante is a manager over at the County of Orange. He oversees over 200 workers. He hires and fires. It is a matter of time before some irked worker sues the County over a future sexist remark or behavior from Bustamante. Now is the time for all of us to write letters to the members of the O.C. Board of Supervisors and ask that they fire Bustamante over his sexist remarks about the appointment of new O.C. Sheriff Sandra Hutchens. The County simply cannot afford to keep the lecherous Busty in a managerial capacity.

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