Will Arnold Schwarzenegger and Barack Obama enjoy a victory cigar?

Will Arnold and Obama enjoy a victory cigar together?

“California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger said in an interview aired Sunday that he would be open to the idea of serving as energy czar in a Barack Obama administration,” according to politico.com.

Schwarzenegger is backing the GOP candidate, John McCain.  But he said he would take Obama’s call, if he became the President.

I think it is ironic that Schwarzenegger, who has a massive carbon footprint due to his proclivity for private jets and Hummers, has turned himself into a darling of the green movement.  But in all fairness his Hummers have been converted into hybrids.

Schwarzenegger would be a safe Republican pick for Obama as he does not hail from the Talibani wing of the CA GOP.  And Schwarzenegger married into the Kennedy family.

I don’t know who would replace Schwarzenegger as Governor.  Would the Lt. Governor take over?

Here is what I found on Lt. Governor John Garamendi’s website, “Under Article 5, Section 10 of the California State Constitution, any time that the Governor is absent from the state or is unable to perform the duties of office, the Lieutenant Governor assumes the full powers and responsibilities of the Chief Executive.”

I hope that the Lt. Governor would NOT take over as John Garamendi would then have a leg up on everyone else who wants to succeed Schwarzenegger.

I think Obama is going to win, in which case we may get to see him and Schwarzenegger smoking a victory cigar together…

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