The Santa Ana Business Bank President has a chauffeured Escalade?

It\'s Larry Frampton!

It’s chisme time!  And this one’s a doozy.  An anon chismoso works at a non-profit based in the same building that houses the infamous Santa Ana Business Bank.  He sent an email to a fellow blogger that went like this…

“Every couple of days, I noticed that there would be a massive Cadillac Escalade in the underground parking garage, with a man sitting inside. He didn’t look like he had any business there, and after a couple of weeks I was ready to alert security. But one day, I noticed an old white man enter the Escalade. It turns out he’s the head of the Santa Ana Business Bank, and he has his own personal driver! I don’t have anything against the Business Bank—I think it’s a great investment to our city. But I also don’t think it sends a good message to investors that the head is personally chauffeured in a massive, gas-guzzling car. Strange!

Maybe Larry is just doing his part to waste more gas so the price of gas will climb even higher!  After all, Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido thinks that the high price of gas is absolutely fabuloso…

Well, I am sure that the hard-working people of Santa Ana are happy to know that the head of the local business bank has his own chauffeur.  God forbid he actually drive himself through our decaying city…this way the chauffeur can speed him off to whatever city he lives in (probably Newport Beach or Coto de Caza) as quickly as possible.

Of course maybe ole Larry is just too old to drive?  The guy doesn’t look very spry!  I wonder if he will make use of the multi-gazillion dollar streetcar that Pulido wants to build in the downtown area?  Doubt it!

Maybe we can convince Larry to buy a condo over at Robert Bisno’s City Place?  That way he could take the bus up Main St. and be “home” in about ten minutes!  Didn’t the City of Santa Ana just send out a notice that the City is now a “Green City?”  Let’s put Larry on a bus and save the ozone!

Now if Larry actually does buy an overpriced City Place condo, I want the $5,000 referral fee…since it was MY idea…

One last thought.  I am amazed at just how lame the Santa Ana Business Bank Board of Directors is.  The Board includes Al Amezcua, Alfonso Bustamante (Carlos’ twin), the Space Commander himself, Vicky Betancourt, Mike Metzler, George Pla, Manny Ramirez and a couple of old white guys.  Ramirez is a Republican friend of the Bustamantes.  Pla is a sleazy businessman from Los Angeles.  I swear I would not trust a dime to this bunch!  Would you?

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