Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido says high gas prices are absolutely good

(Picture courtesy of the O.C. Register).

Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido, who receives $600 a month from the City of Santa Ana as a car allowance, and who often drives a hybrid car provided for free by the South Coast Air Quality Management District (AQMD) told the O.C. Register that the high gas prices that are brutally hurting the working poor of Santa Ana are “absolutely good, just a painful way to do it.”

Pulido also said that, “I think ultimately it’s the only way to do it. Wall Street won’t finance a product unless it gets a good rate of return. High energy prices, I think, create an environment where courageous politicians can survive and create better policy.”

The O.C. Register interview with Pulido also disclosed that he is now driving a BMW Hydrogen 7 car that has been provided to him for free by BMW.

So Pulido gets paid a car allowance even though he spends ZERO on a car and he thinks high gas prices are fine because, essentially, they don’t hurt him one tiny bit.  But in his own mind he is a “courageous politician.”  Why is it he just sounds like a pompous ass?

The funniest part of the interview is the bit where Pulido claims electric cars are better than hydrogen cars because refineries produce hydrogen  But doesn’t Pulido know where electricity comes from?  Generally speaking it comes from coal-fired power plants in Utah and from plants that use natural gas.  Is Pulido that stupid that he thinks electricity is a cleaner sort of power than hydrogen?

And didn’t Pulido get his start via a muffler shop his dad started in Santa Ana?  Pulido also owns a muffler manufacturing company in Mexico.  So he has benefited big time from the auto industry.  But now he wants to preach to the rest of us.  What a hypocrite!

Electrical Generation Sources


The chart above is from Wikipedia.  It depicts sources of electricity in the U.S. in 2006.  Please note that 48.9% of our electricity comes from coal-fired power plants.  Another 21.6% comes from natural gas and petroleum, and 19.#% comes from nuclear power.  Only 7.1% comes from hydroelectric sources and a miniscule 2.4% comes from renewable sources.  Don’t forget that wind turbines kill thousands of birds, including raptors, every year.  Obviously Pulido has no clue where the electricity he is so fond of comes from!

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