Sanctuary movement makes for more effective policing

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It turns out that the City of San Francisco’s Sanctuary ordinance did not mandate the cover up for immigrant drug dealers that came to light in the past week, according to the San Francisco Chronicle.

According to former San Jose Police Chief Joseph McNamara, “There’s a real debate going on nationally in police circles, but in almost every large city I know of, police departments have the same attitude: We have to work with these communities; we can’t have them viewing the police as the enemy because then you get this ‘Don’t snitch’ policy.”

A blog called DMI explained sanctuary laws thusly:

“The basic idea is that if undocumented immigrants feel scared to call the police because they are worried that doing so will lead to deportation, then we are all less safe. Let’s think about this. If I am the undocumented mother of two citizen children who are being beaten by their U.S. citizen father, am I likely to call the police if they are, in turn, likely to report my to immigration authorities? Of course not. Similarly, undocumented people are not likely to report dangerous working conditions, health and safety violations at the restaurants where they work, cooperate with police on everyday investigations, or seek important government benefits, like WIC or Medicaid, for their citizen children.”

Why is there no sanctuary law in Santa Ana?

I hope that the disaster that San Francisco made of their sanctuary ordinance won’t hurt other such efforts.  And I continue to wonder how a city like Santa Ana, with an all-Latino City Council and Mayor and only one Republican Council Member (Carlos Bustamante) won’t go near this issue.  At the very least they ought to hold a public hearing about this so we can all learn more about sanctuary laws.

The fact is, over 80 U.S. cities or states have sanctuary laws in place, including:

California sanctuaries


East Palo Alto


Garden Grove (Orange County)

Los Angeles



San Diego

San Francisco

San Jose

San Rafael

Santa Cruz


Sonoma County

U.S. sanctuary cities (A partial list)

Anchorage, Alaska

Hartford, Conn.


Portland, Maine



Ann Arbor, Mich.



St. Paul, Minn.

St. Louis

Newark, N.J.

New York


Austin, Texas



Madison, Wis.

Sanctuary states


District of Columbia


New Mexico


Source: National Immigration Law Center

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