O.C. Sheriff Sandra Hutchens impressive thus far!

(Photo courtesy of the L.A. Times)

“Further distancing herself from the practices of her indicted predecessor, Orange County Sheriff Sandra Hutchens said she wouldn’t use a team of deputies to protect her — or even a driver to chauffeur her to public appearances,” according to the L.A. Times.

I remember how disgraced former Sheriff Mike Carona used to travel in a black SUV, with a driver, and with another SUV alongside, full of his goons.  What a waste of tax money that was!  What a refreshing change to have a Sheriff who says she doesn’t need the goons.  She will be packing a Glock and driving her own car.  I’m impressed!

Consider that the guy who was overlooked when Hutchens got the job, SAPD Chief Paul Walters, would likely have continued the Carona caravan tradition.

Of course there is nothing Hutchens can do to impress the folks at the O.C. Register.  While Steven Greenhut did give her kudos for ending the Carona security detail, he also said, in a recent Orange Punch post, that she has not accomplished anything.

I am more than happy to be patient while Hutchens continues to review the disaster that Carona made of his department.  I am certain that she will put together an excellent plan to fix the department in due course.  It is easier to destroy than to fix, so we should not expect any quick miracles.  Hutchens has shown us that she is tough and committed to not blowing tax money.  I think we will all be happy with the way she goes about fixing her department.

Consider that many if not all of the elected hacks who backed Carona have yet to apologize for continuing to support him even after the OC Weekly and the L.A. Times revealed the extent of his corruption, way before he was indicted.  If anything the folks at the O.C. Register ought to apologize.  Their reporters and editors and columnists were far too cushy with Carona.  Remember that he would only talk to their reporters?  Newspapers should not cover up for politicians!  It is their job to stick it to them, not to get cozy with them.

I suspect that all the media in town will keep a close eye on Hutchens.  She won’t get away with the crap that Carona got away with.  And that is the way it ought to be.  But ripping her because she has not yet put together her plan to fix her department is a bit much.  Give her some time to figure out exactly how much damage Carona did.  That is just common sense.

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