Mike Carona, gangsta rapper?

Mike Carona

Who knew disgraced and indicted former O.C. Sheriff Mike Carona was a fan of gangsta rap?  Apparently his defense lawyers are trying to keep portions of the tapes that his buddy Donald Haidl secretly recorded out of the courtroom.  “The tapes, between Carona and former political confidante Donald Haidl, reveal Carona casually using the n-word, dropping several f-bombs, talking about his sexual conquests and making sexual remarks about other women,”  according to the O.C. Register.

I remember when the OC GOP machine was trying to convince us all that Carona was a man of God.  We know now that Red County Editor Matt “Jubal” Cunningham continued to shill for Carona because of all the free O.C. Fair concert tickets that Carona’s wife, Debbie, was shoveling to Matt.  But I wonder if Matt knew what a foul pig Carona was?  Were a few concert tickets all it took to buy him off?

And what about all the other Republicans, such as Supervisor Chris Norby, who went nuts for Carona?  Even thought they KNEW he was awful?  This is why no one could take Norby seriously when he was pimping for the new Carona, SAPD Chief Paul Walters.  Thank God the other Supervisors went with Sandra Hutchens!  God only knows what sort of crazy stuff Walters does when no one is looking.

But it would take a lot for Walters or anyone else to come close to what Carona revealed in the secret Haidl tape recordings.  When will the OC GOP machine apologize to the people of Orange County for propping up the pervy, scandalous Carona for so long?

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