Is Tram Linh Ho the real deal?

She sounds too good to be true.  A new, yet for some familiar, face has emerged in Garden Grove’s political scene.  Tram Linh Ho has announced her intention to run for the Garden Grove City Council.  Two seats will be up in November.  So far we have both red and blue Trannies in the race, Trung “Photoshop” Nguyen and Paul Lucas.

So who is Tram Linh Ho?  Here is what the Bolsavik blog had to say about her:

T. Linh Ho was in the Union of Vietnamese Students Association of Southern California (Vietnamese: Tong Hoi Sinh Viên) at around the same time as some other now-notable names in the community: Phu Nguyen, Tammy T. Tran, etc. At UCLA, Linh played a major role in the unification of the former Vietnamese Students Association and the Vietnamese-American Coalition to form the Vietnamese Student Union.

Student activists from about 5 years ago probably will remember Linh from the UVSA, the Tet Festival, and the Camp for Youth, casually called in Vietnamese “Trai He Tong Hoi.”

After UCLA, Linh Ho went to Massachussetts to get a master’s degree from Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government before returning to enroll in the UCLA School of Law. She is now working for a municipal law firm.

By all accounts Ho is also a progressive Democrat.  So what’s not to like?

Well, there is more to the story.   A 1996 article by Daniel C. Tsang revealed that Ho may have become an activist when the Garden Grove Police Department tried to take her picture – they thought she was a member of an Asian gang.  The ACLU caught wind of this and rightfully put the kibosh on the project, which appeared to racially profile Southeast Asian teenagers in the city who were wearing baggy clothes, etc.

The ACLU won. Here is how Tsang described the outcome, “The $85,000 settlement in came almost three years after an incident involving three Southeast Asian teenagers, two of them high school honor students. Attired in baggy pants, they were stopped by Garden Grove police at the Euclid Retail Center, a strip mall, an area the police later claimed was frequented by gangs. The teens were questioned about gang affiliations, interviewed for “field interview” cards, and photographed without their permission.

Two years later Ho was a student at UCLA, where she was instrumental in starting the Vietnamese Student Union, which was then known as “SEACLEAR, which stands for Southeast Asian Campus Learning, Education and Retention,” according to an article by Andy Shaw in the Daily Bruin.  The goal of this organization was to help “fellow Vietnamese students getting bad grades, dropping out of school and how they usually dealt with their problems by themselves.”

Later, as Bolsavik revealed, Ho graduated from the noted Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government before returning to UCLA to earn a juris doctorate.

But one has to wonder if Ho did in fact leave her old gang persuasions behind.  Her MySpace page labels her “Shorty,” which is a common gang name.  In fact, if memory serves correct, one of disgraced Democratic Supervisorial candidate Hoa Van Tran’s cholos was named “Shorty” too.

However, Ho has, according to her Linkedin page, worked as an Legal Extern at the U.S. Department of Justice.  And she states that she was a Field Representative for a member of the California State Assembly.  And the law firm she works for states on their website that Ho “T. Linh Ho is an Associate in the Public Law and Trial and Advocacy Practice Groups based in the Los Angeles office of Burke, Williams & Sorensen, LLP.”

So what’s the deal?  Is she “Shorty,” the teen who was fingered for being a gang member by the City of Garden Grove Police Department, or Attorney Tram Linh Ho – an up and comer in Orange County politics?

And here is another question to ponder – besides possibly being a sleeper for some unknown Asian gang, could she be affiliated with Republican Assemblyman Van Tran?  According to a commenter at the Bolsavik blog, her dad is a contractor who has worked closely with Van Tran on many of his development projects.

I want to believe in Ho.  I really do.  But failed Supervisorial candidate, and devout Trannie, Dina Nguyen is already on the Garden Grove City Council.  And Nguyen’s brother was caught in a huge drug bust that involved three countries and tons of drugs.

Can the people of the City of Garden Grove afford to put their faith in Ho without knowing where she stands with regard to gangs and Van Tran?  Furthermore, can the Democratic Party of Orange County (DPOC) and their labor union allies afford to get behind Ho without truly vetting her?  The Hoa Van Tran disaster was a nightmare for the DPOC – do they really want to go there again?

Ho owes it to the voters to come clean and to forcefully denounce Asian gangs AND Van Tran and his Trannies – which is something Hoa Van Tran refused to do.

I hope she is for real.  Garden Grove needs help – particularly when the only announced candidates for their City Council openings are Trung Nguyen and Paul Lucas – and someone named Robin Marcario.

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