Is Governor Schwarzenegger reconsidering his appointment of Carlos Bustamante to the FEHC?

I am hearing that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is reconsidering his appointment of Santa Ana Clowncilman Carlos “Space Commander” Bustamante to the State Fair Employment & Housing Commission (FEHC), in light of Bustamante’s sexist remarks following the appointment of Sandra Hutchens as our new Orange County Sheriff.

I personally contacted both the Governor and the FEHC after those remarks and asked that Bustamante not be appointed to this Commission.  I also sent notes to all the legislators involved in approving the appointment.  I also posted about it here at the Orange Juice and asked our readers to contact the Governor.  It looks like our readers have had an affect on the Governor.

Think about it. This Commission “promotes and enforces the civil rights of the people of California to be free from unlawful discrimination in employment, housing, and public accommodations, and to be free from hate violence and threats of violence, pursuant to the Fair Employment and Housing Act.” How is Bustamante supposed to serve on this Commission when he routinely makes sexist comments in public arenas?

Please take the time to contact the Governor today and ask him to please not appoint Bustmante to this important Commission. Surely he can do better!  And you can call the FEHC and complain about Bustamante.  Find their contact information here.

It makes no sense for Governor Schwarzenegger to appoint Bustamante to any Commission involved in civil rights.  After all, it was not that long ago that Schwarzenegger himself was being scrutinized for his own sexist behavior.  Why would he want to revisit that mess by entangling himself with the Space Commander?

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