GOP hack Jon Fleischman gets caught red-handed!

Jon Fleischman

Greedy GOP consultant and Flash Report blogger Jon Fleischman, who used to be disgraced former Sheriff Mike Carona’s P.R. flack, got caught with his hand in the proverbial cookie jar.  Apparently he tried to connive an Orange County podiatrist into paying $2,500 so he could meet with California Insurance Commissioner Steve Poizner.  The podiatrist had attempted to set up a meeting with Poizner but was rebuffed by Poizner’s staff repeatedly.

The podiatrist, Dr. Ivar Roth, said his experience with Fleischman “made him feel like the system is dirty.”  Well Dr. Roth – it IS dirty!

Of course Fleischman tried to wiggle off the hook.  He told the O.C. Register reporter who broke this story, Brian Joseph, that “he honestly thought Roth needed some additional consulting services.”  But Joseph was not fooled.  He wrote, “The only thing that seems a bit fuzzy to me is this: Fleischman indicates in his e-mail that he can get Roth a meeting with the commissioner.  But the commissioner’s office told me no consultant can guarantee a meeting with Poizner.”  Which means either Fleischman or the commissioner’s representative is lying.

It figures that the only Republican statewide elected official, besides Schwarzenegger, can’t make the time to meet with his constituents – and his henchmen want to charge us $2,500 for the pleasure of meeting with Poizner.  No thanks!  Now we know what to expect from Poizner, who wants to be our next Governor.  Forget it Poizner – take a hike!  The last thing we need is to put you in the Governor’s seat so that scum like Fleischman can charge folks even more to meet with you.

As for Fleischman, when is this guy going to finally get the jail time he so richly deserves?  He worked for the dirtiest Sheriff in Orange County history.  And now he is continuing his sleazy operations as a GOP consultant.  At least now everyone knows what a greedy pig he is.

Interestingly, the Register article I referenced herein is not available online.  Should that change I will link to it.  Kudos to Brian Joseph for his fine reporting and for catching Fleischman red-handed!  No wonder Fleischman also blogs for Red-faced County!

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